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Education for Peacebuilding: From Problem Solving to Critical Interrogations of the Liberal Peace

by Arthur Romano

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  • Pages: 20
  • Publication Preview: PDF
  • Published Date: 2007
  • Publisher: International Christian University Rotary Peace Center
  • Publication: Capacity Development for Peacebuilding: An International Network Approach


This paper examines a number of distinct but related topics. First, it provides a brief outline of the various ways in which the subject of peacebuilding is covered in the Department of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford, focusing in particular on provision at the postgraduate level. Second, the paper outlines some of the different perspectives on what constitutes effective peacebuilding and questions the utility of the one-size fits-all approach that characterizes contemporary peacebuilding practice. Third, the paper provides a brief critique of the ways in which the problematization of weak and failed states as threats to the developed world risks producing policy frameworks in which security is privileged over solidarism. Fourth, we argue that education for peacebuilding should not simply be focused on technical problem-solving issues- such as how to do security sector reform - but should also be characterized by a normative commitment to emancipation and a willingness to engage in a critical interrogation of fundamental assumptions about the nature of world order and the role of peacebuilding in the construction and maintenance of that order. Finally, we make a number of suggestions designed to improve the ways in which collaboration between the Rotary Centers and between Rotary and the Centers might be improved as to better promote research on and education for peacebuilding.

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