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Daniel Rothbart

Professor of Conflict Analysis and Resolution
Co-Director of the Program on Prevention of Mass Violence

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  • 703-993-4474 (office)
  • Arlington: Vernon Smith Hall, 5102
    3351 North Fairfax Drive, MS 4D3
    Arlington, VA 22201

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Daniel Rothbart is professor of conflict analysis and resolution at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University.  Professor Rothbart specializes in identity-based conflicts, civilians in war and emotions and conflict.  He serves as the co-director of the Program on Prevention of Mass Violence. He also chairs the Sudan Task Group, an organization that seeks to build long-term peace in this East African country.  His academic writings include more than fifty articles and book chapters in scholarly journals and volumes. His recent publications in conflict analysis and resolution include the following books: Identity, Morality, and Threat:  Studies in Violent Conflict (co-edited), Why They Die:  Civilian Devastation in Violent Conflict (co-authored), Civilians and Modern War: Armed Conflict and the Ideology of Violence, (co-edited), and Violent Conflict and Peacebuilding:  The Continuing Crisis in Darfur, (co-authored).  He is currently exploring the power of moral emotions—shame, humiliation, dignity, pride—as central to protracted conflicts or to their resolution. 

After earning his Ph. D. in philosophy of science from Washington University, St. Louis, Dr. Rothbart was a visiting research scholar at Linacre College, Oxford, at Dartmouth College, and at University of Cambridge.

Dr. Rothbart won the ICAR Faculty Research Award (2007), Office of the Provost Excellence in Teaching Award (2000), and the Fenwick Fellowship Award (2000). His courses include the following: Ethics and Conflict; Culture, Identity and Conflict; Theories of Conflict and Conflict Resolution; Philosophy and Methods of Conflict Research; Positioning Theory and Protracted Conflict; The Enemy and the Innocent in Violent Conflicts; and Research and Inquiry in Conflict Resolution.


PhD, Philosophy, Washington University

MA, Philosophy, State University of New York at Binghamton

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Appointment to the School of Public and International Affairs Advisory Board, Virginia International University

November 22, 2016

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October 17, 2012

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