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Eritrea: Challenging Narratives of Development in Post Conflict Settings

This course offers rare access to Eritrea, a country that has been extremely isolated due to 20-years of conflict and nine years of sanctions. Despite this, Eritrea today may be the purest example of people-based development and African solutions to African problems. The country has no World Bank or USAID programs, and no NGOs, yet surprisingly, the UN reports Eritrea is on target for the SDGs, and is doing ground-breaking work in agriculture and food security. Witness Eritrea as it is emerging from isolation with a 360-view that offers a unique glimpse into the cost of conflict and war, an inspiring look at what a country that is truly devoted to African-led development can do, and an opportunity to witness how narratives can be intertwined – and even become drivers – of conflict and development. 

Led by Dr. Sara Cobb and Carol Pineau